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Hacksmith Industries James Hobson
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Hacksmith Industries Youtube channel statistics

Hacksmith Industries
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Estimated earnings in past 30 days
$ 14.5K - $ 86.9K
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last 7 days
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29.11.2023 Wed +5,575,645 $ 2.09K - $ 12.5K
26.11.2023 Sun +5,055,513 $ 1.9K - $ 11.4K
22.11.2023 Wed +7,419,087 $ 2.78K - $ 16.7K
18.11.2023 Sat +5,618,433 $ 2.11K - $ 12.6K
13.11.2023 Mon +6,876,481 $ 2.58K - $ 15.5K
10.11.2023 Fri +3,031,300 $ 1.14K - $ 6.82K
06.11.2023 Mon +5,059,576 $ 1.9K - $ 11.4K
03.11.2023 Fri +4,345,385 $ 1.63K - $ 9.78K
31.10.2023 Tue +6,398,546 $ 2.4K - $ 14.4K
28.10.2023 Sat +4,514,621 $ 1.69K - $ 10.2K
24.10.2023 Tue +5,474,131 $ 2.05K - $ 12.3K
21.10.2023 Sat +4,335,007 $ 1.63K - $ 9.75K
18.10.2023 Wed +6,684,289 $ 2.51K - $ 15K
15.10.2023 Sun +7,886,626 $ 2.96K - $ 17.7K

Hacksmith Industries biography

Hacksmith Industries is a Canadian YouTube channel best known for its DIY engineering and gadget-making videos. Established by James Hobson in 2012, the channel has since gained more than 12 million subscribers with over 650 million video views. Hacksmith Industries is dedicated to inspiring creative minds to push the boundaries of what is possible through engineering and science. The channel specializes in designing and building futuristic gadgets inspired by popular comic book superheroes and sci-fi movies. The team at Hacksmith Industries has created a range of amazing inventions such as the world's first retractable plasma lightsaber, functional Iron Man suit, Captain America's shield, and many more. The team's innovative projects and dedication to exploring the limits of engineering and science have earned them a passionate follower base worldwide. The channel's videos are not only entertaining but also educational, making Hacksmith Industries a go-to destination for DIY engineering enthusiasts and budding engineers looking for inspiration.

Hacksmith Industries controversies

Hacksmith Industries has been involved in some controversies over the years. In 2020, the channel was called out for allegedly promoting unsafe and dangerous DIY engineering projects. Critics pointed out that the channel's content could inspire inexperienced makers to attempt complex projects without proper training and safety measures, which could lead to serious injury, or worse. Since then, Hacksmith Industries has taken steps to address these concerns. The channel now includes disclaimers and safety warnings in all its videos, and James Hobson has emphasized the importance of responsible engineering and safety in his content. Despite the controversies, Hacksmith Industries remains a popular channel among DIY enthusiasts and aspiring engineers, with its innovative and awe-inspiring projects continuing to captivate viewers worldwide.

Hacksmith Industries famous quotes

Iron Man is a fictional character, Hacksmith Industries makes fictional reality
What could go wrong?
Safety is not an accident - it's a decision
We don't inherit the Earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children
Why make something that exists when you could make something that doesn't?
Don't just dream of a better tomorrow, build it today
If it's worth doing, it's worth overdoing
Inspiring the next generation of engineers and makers
Reinventing engineering, one project at a time
We're not just dreaming, we're making it a reality

Hacksmith Industries partner

Lisa Pitman Hobson is the wife of James Hobson, the founder of Hacksmith Industries. Lisa Pitman is a Canadian registered nurse and a social media personality. She is also an avid supporter of the Hacksmith Industries team and appears in some of the channel's videos. Lisa Pitman and James Hobson got married in August 2019, and their wedding was featured in one of Hacksmith Industries' videos. Since then, they have been happily married and continue to support each other in their respective careers and endeavors.

Name Lisa Pitman Hobson
occupation Registered Nurse
Country Canada