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Global News
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26.11.2023 Sun +6,038,997 $ 2.26K - $ 13.6K
22.11.2023 Wed +6,574,169 $ 2.47K - $ 14.8K
18.11.2023 Sat +4,517,639 $ 1.69K - $ 10.2K
13.11.2023 Mon +4,936,359 $ 1.85K - $ 11.1K
10.11.2023 Fri +3,702,469 $ 1.39K - $ 8.33K
06.11.2023 Mon +5,333,224 $ 2K - $ 12K
03.11.2023 Fri +5,303,230 $ 1.99K - $ 11.9K
31.10.2023 Tue +10,452,757 $ 3.92K - $ 23.5K
27.10.2023 Fri +7,894,393 $ 2.96K - $ 17.8K
24.10.2023 Tue +9,099,273 $ 3.41K - $ 20.5K
21.10.2023 Sat +6,125,153 $ 2.3K - $ 13.8K
18.10.2023 Wed +11,114,856 $ 4.17K - $ 25K
14.10.2023 Sat +12,670,394 $ 4.75K - $ 28.5K
10.10.2023 Tue +10,336,243 $ 3.88K - $ 23.3K

Global News biography

Global News is a Canadian television network that provides news coverage 24 hours a day and seven days a week. It is the news division of the Corus Entertainment Inc and has been providing news content to Canadians for decades. Global News has a reputation for providing unbiased news to its viewers and is viewed by millions each day. The network covers a wide range of topics from sport to politics, to entertainment, and many more. Their coverage extends beyond Canada and includes world events. They also conduct investigative journalism to uncover the hidden truths of our times. Their integrity, professionalism, and commitment to the truth have made them one of the most trusted names in news.

Global News controversies

Global News has been at the center of several controversies in the past. In 2017, the network was criticized for covering a white nationalist rally in Charlottesville without explicitly stating that the protesters were white supremacists. The network publicly acknowledged the mistake and issued an apology. In 2020, Global News was accused of biased reporting during the protests in the United States following the death of George Floyd. The network was criticized for focusing on the violent aspects of the protests rather than the underlying reason for the unrest. Global News defended their reporting and stated that they were committed to providing unbiased news to their viewers.

Global News famous quotes

"Global News, a name you can trust."
"From our newsroom to your living room."
"We are Global News."
"Wherever you are, our news is there."
"On the pulse, all the time."
"Making a difference, one story at a time."
"Keeping you informed, no matter what."
"The news you need, where you need it."
"We are everywhere."
"It's our job to keep you informed."