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Disguised Toast Jeremy Wang
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Twitch streamer and content creator
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Disguised Toast Youtube channel statistics

Disguised Toast
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Estimated earnings in past 30 days
$ 7.02K - $ 42.1K
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last 7 days
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Date Video views Estimated earnings
19.06.2024 Wed +3,546,711 $ 1.33K - $ 7.98K
11.06.2024 Tue +2,389,502 $ 896 - $ 5.38K
07.06.2024 Fri +5,339,908 $ 2K - $ 12K
05.06.2024 Wed +4,969,257 $ 1.86K - $ 11.2K
01.06.2024 Sat +2,484,941 $ 931 - $ 5.59K
27.05.2024 Mon +2,486,115 $ 932 - $ 5.59K
22.05.2024 Wed +1,381,539 $ 518 - $ 3.11K
17.05.2024 Fri +825,503 $ 309 - $ 1.86K
13.05.2024 Mon +2,676,918 $ 1K - $ 6.02K
02.05.2024 Thu +1,038,475 $ 389 - $ 2.34K
28.04.2024 Sun +954,335 $ 357 - $ 2.15K
24.04.2024 Wed +1,160,328 $ 435 - $ 2.61K
20.04.2024 Sat +1,099,193 $ 412 - $ 2.47K
16.04.2024 Tue +1,145,434 $ 429 - $ 2.58K

Disguised Toast biography

Disguised Toast is a popular Twitch streamer and content creator who is known for his entertaining streams and informative commentary. He has been active on the platform since 2015, and has amassed a significant following thanks to his engaging personality and skilled gameplay. With a focus on strategy games like Hearthstone and Among Us, Disguised Toast has become a trusted resource for viewers seeking tips and advice on how to improve their own gameplay. In addition to his Twitch channel, Disguised Toast also has a strong presence on social media, including Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube, and has collaborated with a number of other popular content creators in the gaming community.

Disguised Toast controversies

While Disguised Toast has generally maintained a positive reputation within the Twitch community, he has also faced a handful of controversies over the course of his career. Perhaps the most notable of these was an incident in 2018 in which he was banned from Hearthstone for account sharing. The ban was met with some backlash from fans, who felt that Disguised Toast had been unfairly targeted, but ultimately he acknowledged that he had broken the rules and accepted the consequences. More recently, Disguised Toast has been involved in a controversy over his decision to move to Facebook Gaming from Twitch. While some fans have criticized the move, others have expressed support for his decision to seek out new opportunities and expand his audience.

Disguised Toast famous quotes

'Big Brain Plays'
'10 out of 10, would meme again'
'Everyone's a detective when they're dead'
'Toast, you're a genius!'
'Let's go, baby!'
'Anything for content'
'The internet is weird'
'This is just math, people'
'I'm just built different'
'I'm not arguing. I'm just explaining why I'm right.'

Disguised Toast partner

Janet Rose is the fiancée of popular Twitch streamer Disguised Toast, and is also a content creator in her own right. She is known for her own gaming streams, as well as her collaborations with Disguised Toast and other members of the streaming community. Janet is an active presence on social media, including Twitter and Instagram, and is beloved by fans for her friendly and approachable personality. Together with Disguised Toast, Janet forms a power couple in the world of Twitch, and their relationship has become a favorite topic of conversation among their viewers.

Name Janet Rose
occupation Twitch streamer and content creator
Country United States
Age 28
Birthday 12.11.1995
Social links Janet Rose twitter
Janet Rose instagram