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CouRage Reacts Cou Rage Reacts
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CouRage Reacts Youtube channel statistics

CouRage Reacts
Video views
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Estimated earnings in past 30 days
$ 9.43K - $ 56.6K
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last 7 days
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last 30 days
last 90 days
Date Video views Estimated earnings
22.07.2023 Sat +5,031,611 $ 1.89K - $ 11.3K
16.07.2023 Sun +12,105,707 $ 4.54K - $ 27.2K
04.07.2023 Tue +5,585,712 $ 2.09K - $ 12.6K
24.06.2023 Sat +1,816,328 $ 681 - $ 4.09K
19.06.2023 Mon +862,921 $ 323 - $ 1.94K
17.06.2023 Sat +808,645 $ 303 - $ 1.82K
15.06.2023 Thu +5,255,321 $ 1.97K - $ 11.8K
03.06.2023 Sat +4,191,847 $ 1.57K - $ 9.43K
25.05.2023 Thu +1,977,117 $ 741 - $ 4.45K
20.05.2023 Sat +2,751,104 $ 1.03K - $ 6.19K
14.05.2023 Sun +2,519,322 $ 944 - $ 5.67K
08.05.2023 Mon +2,631,099 $ 986 - $ 5.92K
30.04.2023 Sun +1,833,228 $ 687 - $ 4.12K
26.04.2023 Wed +1,962,161 $ 735 - $ 4.41K

CouRage Reacts biography

CouRage Reacts is a popular YouTube channel known for its entertaining reaction videos. The channel primarily focuses on reacting to various topics such as funny videos, viral challenges, music videos, movie trailers, and more. With a charismatic and engaging personality, CouRage Reacts has amassed a huge following on YouTube and has become a well-known figure in the online entertainment industry. The channel's content appeals to a wide range of audience, providing humor and entertainment through its reactions and commentary. The channel has gained significant popularity and has millions of subscribers who eagerly await new video releases. CouRage Reacts consistently offers fresh and unique content, showcasing his witty humor and insightful commentary. With a dedicated fan base, the channel has become a prominent source of entertainment for many viewers. If you're looking for entertaining reaction videos with a touch of humor, CouRage Reacts is the channel to watch!

CouRage Reacts controversies

Despite the popularity and success of CouRage Reacts, the channel has faced a few controversies throughout its journey. These controversies mainly revolve around copyright claims for using copyrighted content in reaction videos. Due to the nature of reaction videos, which involve reacting and commenting on copyrighted material, the channel has encountered copyright infringement claims from copyright holders. While CouRage Reacts strives to comply with copyright laws and guidelines, it can sometimes be challenging to avoid copyright claims when creating reaction content. The channel has been actively working on resolving these issues and ensuring that its content adheres to copyright regulations. The controversies surrounding copyright claims have sparked discussions and debates among the channel's fans and followers. Despite these controversies, CouRage Reacts remains a popular and beloved channel, continuously providing entertaining content and captivating its audience.

CouRage Reacts famous quotes

Laughing is the best medicine.
Life is better with a sense of humor.
Reacting to videos, one laugh at a time.
Stay positive, laugh often.
Entertainment at its finest.
Bringing joy through reactions.
Humor knows no boundaries.
Join the laughter, join the fun.
Creating smiles, one video at a time.
Laughter is the universal language.
Spread positivity through laughter.